Good news

The printer emailed me this morning to say that the first 500 copies of The Wideawake Hat are ready for collection. So we have real books for the book launch next week, and I can fulfil my first online order in New Zealand!

We are on a mission to collect them from Christchurch on Monday along with a VIP who is flying into town that day. So we will return to Twizel with the car full of precious boxes and one very special passenger. All will be revealed………..!

I can thoroughly recommend Printabook – they have been so good to work with, and I love their supportive attitude. Here’s a quote from their free information book – ‘A Guide to Self Publishing’ which says exactly what I feel too :-

The publishing of a book or booklet is a major creative exercise. It will challenge you and sometimes be frustrating but the result will be that you grow and develop new skills which you didn’t know you had. Ultimately you will achieve something to be very proud of. We are pleased to be part of your endeavour and  wish you every success.’


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