Waitangi Day

Today is Waitangi Day here in New Zealand. Our national day, commemorating the signing on 6 February 1840 of the Treaty of Waitangi. There are official ceremonies at Waitangi and around the country, but for most of us it is a day to remember our roots, and to cherish our family and friends.

It is a day when we are aware of the shared history we have with the Maori people, who had made a life in New Zealand long before the European settlers arrived. Our history together has not always gone smoothly, of course, but on the whole we rub along together pretty well these days!

In celebration of our multi-cultural country, I give you the words of the Mackenzie Memorial which stands at the spot where our hero, James is believed to have been captured and charged with stealing 1000 sheep. On one side we have the words in Maori, on the 2nd side in Gaelic and finally in English.

Of course, if you want to know what I believe happened to James after his capture, you will need to read The Applecross Saga


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