Those of you who have made it to Book 2, ‘Shepherd’s Delight’ will know that birds feature in the story. Like most authors I write about things I like, and I have always loved birds in my garden. I inherited an enjoyment of birds from my parents, along with a love of photography from my father. He’s been gone many years, but would have taken to digital photography with great enthusiasm.

Anyway, I digress!

I should have been writing today. Cracking into the fourth book while we are in the middle of winter. But along came two precious wee visitors to the bird table to distract me from my laptop. I have been trying to encourage these little treasures to the table for a long time. Waxeyes (sometimes called silvereyes or tauhou in Maori), are such cuties, with their big eyes and cheeky personalities. Once they discover fruit is available, not much will stop them returning. Even the dogs and chickens were ignored, and they waded through two whole apples today! I spent much of the day with the long lens filling my camera with photos.

Tomorrow I promise to get back to Book 4. In the meantime, pick up your copies of the first three books in the Applecross Saga at all major retailers – details at my website.

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