Doggy excerpts

Anyone who knows me will not be in the least surprised that dogs feature in all my books. The true story of Friday, the famous sheepdog, was one of the reasons I first became interested in the legend of James Mackenzie. Friday features in The Wideawake Hat and Shepherd’s Delight, along with her mate Roy and pups Ruby and Blue. Friday’s legacy lives on in the wee pup, May in Shepherd’s Delight and in Leda, Jakob’s puppy in ‘The Cedar Trees’ (to be published soon).

For all you dog lovers, I give you an occasional dog-related excerpt. The first is from The Wideawake Hat, and just a warning – you may need tissues for some of these……

Some of you may recognise the ‘real’ dog in this image. Our Skye – the digital collie – never an easy dog to own, but much loved anyway, despite the remaining scars!

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