December 2020 Newsletter

Season’s Greetings from James and Sophia Mackenzie, Edmund and Nancy Lawton, Samuel Morling, Guy Pender and his new wife Amelie, Lucy, Lizzy, Job, James senior, Betsy and Edgar Franks, Jane and Percy, Joshua and all the children of the basin, plus some characters you are yet to meet in the next book in the series (due out early 2021).

And, of course, a Happy Christmas for me too, Amanda Giorgis, the person who tries very hard to keep all those characters on the straight and narrow, falling in (and out) of love, following their dreams and getting into all sorts of adventures along the way. 

The Applecross folk celebrate the Christmas of  1867 in Book 4, The Cedar Trees. My gift to you all for the festive season is a little taste of the next book, including a few hints of what is to come. I hope you enjoy it………..

The Cedar Trees, Christmas 1867

Back in the real world, I am tempted to say good riddance to 2020. It has not been a good year for  most of us, although here in New Zealand we count our blessings for the freedom we have to move around and celebrate with our families and  friends. There are signs of hope that 2021 will lead to better times.

In my part of the world, the days are long at this time of year, with temperatures rising by the day. Having grown up in the Northern Hemisphere, I will never get used to a sunny Christmas, although I can’t say I mind yummy new potatoes, fresh garden peas and scrumptious strawberries straight from the garden on my Christmas dinner table. 

Wherever you are this year, stay safe and well, and here’s to a better year to come!

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