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March 2021

The latest update from Amanda Giorgis, best-selling author of the Applecross Saga.
Home news

There is much progress to report on the new kitchen at Applecross headquarters. Normal catering services have resumed with a fully functioning oven and hob. Things were slightly delayed by the late arrival of the drawer and cupboard handles (stuck on a ship, apparently), but otherwise we are, as they say, ‘cooking on gas’. Mr Applecross is much relieved that baking has resumed – he was getting quite grumpy with the lack of homemade cakes and biscuits!We have neglected the garden this year, although it has been so dry that nothing much has grown lately. Grapes have been harvested and frozen for wine making later on. We have more green beans than we can possibly eat and a glut of tomatoes, just when they are cheap in the shops too! But the big news is the arrival of Daisy, Rosie and Ivy, new additions to the flock. By the next newsletter we should be collecting their eggs.
Talking of birds, I couldn’t resist sharing a photo of our resident fantails, or piwakawaka, to use the Māori word for them. We seem to have a family of 9 of these little treasures who love nothing more than to flit around you whenever you venture outside. It is sheer ‘cupboard love’ though, they are after the tiny bugs flushed out by your walking. Tricky little blighters to photograph as they never sit still.

A busy month of book editing has left me with limited reading time, but I bought and devoured ‘The Tally Stick’ by Carl Nixon. Goodness, it is one of those storylines that stays with you, a confronting but gripping tale. Not for the faint hearted, but I do recommend it. Other reviews suggest that it leaves too many things unanswered, but I rather think that’s the point of the story. There were indeed many loose ends, and it is up to the reader to work out what else may have happened.I often take a month or so away from writing at this time of year, although I have to keep telling the fictional people of Applecross to stop bombarding my brain with ideas for the next book. During this time I am doing my best to read more, to actively seek out New Zealand authors and to buy real books (you know, the ones printed on paper!) from my local independent bookstore. If you have a local bookshop, please do try to use it. They, like other small businesses, have done it tough during the pandemic and would appreciate your support, and generally they are run by really nice people who have time to stop and talk.

It may be Autumn down here below the equator, but those of you in the Northern Hemisphere may be looking for a Spring read. Here are a couple of special offers for Historical Fiction running throughout April which may be of interest – and who cares what season it is, if the books are good?

Enjoy Spring Reading and Spring into Historical Fiction

An Applecross Companion

I have made some progress on providing a companion to the Applecross books. It is taking the form of a webpage accessible only to you, dear readers and subscribers. It is very much a work in progress at the moment, with the beginnings of a list of characters, but I hope to add more detail soon, including a map of the Basin and a glossary of Māori words and phrases.You are welcome to dive on in there and take a look. Go to – use the password ‘Applecross’ to get access.

What do you think? Any ideas of other things to include? Please do email me at with any thoughts and suggestions. I do love hearing from my readers with feedback (good and bad, of course).

Three Cedar Trees
Now, the observant among you may spot the addition of two little letters to the title of the latest book in The Applecross Saga! The Cedar Trees became Three Cedar Trees. A last minute change, but one which I think reflects the storyline better.Three Cedar Trees is now available as an ebook on all the usual platforms, a paperback on Amazon or direct from me in New Zealand (with the special kiwi cover design!) You can even buy a hardback version from Amazon!

 Buy the Applecross Saga

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