June Newsletter from Applecross

The latest update from Amanda Giorgis, best-selling author of the Applecross Saga.
Home news

A 200-year storm passed our way a couple of weeks ago. We had 8” of rain (over 200mm) in two days and were cut off for a while because all the bridges and fords around us were closed. We even had the squawk message from Civil Defence on our phones to evacuate, although it turned out to be only for those north of the Eyre River, not us. There was a moment of panic while we wondered what to grab, and how we were supposed to leave without a helicopter! Other places around us lost bridges and suffered landslips, and the farmers have had a bad time rescuing stock and mending broken fences, etc. This photo appeared on our community Facebook page – it is usually a dry ford over which we drive almost daily. Not today though!
Egg update!

All three little chooks are laying now. Our two cockerels spent a day or two sorting things out and we now have relative peace and harmony in the henhouse. Henry has adopted the three new girls, while Foggy has his older girls to care for. Note to readers – I do not recommend two roosters at a time, but as I am also determined to allow our chickens to live out their days in idleness and luxury, there was not much we could do when the young Henrietta grew up to be Henry. They rub along without too many fights and have plenty of room at our place to escape each other! Here’s the two boys – Foggy at the top, then Henry, keeping a watchful eye on one of his new harem!
Bird of the month

This month’s bird photo is of a waxeye (sometimes called a silvereye too). We have a pair who visit our bird table regularly in the winter. For such tiny creatures they sure can put their food away. It took them just a morning to devour a pile of crumbs, a whole apple and a block of seed-packed fat.
Book News

I am in the middle of a book tour, but I have yet to leave the comfort of my own home! In these days where travel is quite complicated, a virtual book tour sounds like a great idea. Please do have a look, drop into any session that takes your fancy and find out a bit more about me and my books. Leave me a message and you stand a chance of winning an Amazon voucher.

 The Applecross Saga Book Tour and Giveaway

Good news – I have started writing the 5th book in the Applecross Saga. It has the provisional title of ‘Mixed Blessings’ and begins about 5 years after the end of ‘Three Cedar Trees’. Don’t worry though, I’ll make sure I tie up all the loose ends from Book 4, including what happens to poor Ben after his accident. It turns out to be a bit of a mixed blessing – hence the title! This time, it is the turn of the girls to tell their stories. So we will follow Heather, Adey Rose and Caroline as they transform from childhood into young ladies. Who do you think this may be on the cover? She’s tough and resilient and just about as hard to tame as the plant after whom she is named!
I cannot pass on this month without mentioning the shock news of the death of Lucinda Riley. I have mentioned her Seven Sisters series in previous months and had barely finished reading the 7th book when news came through of her death after a battle with cancer. Goodness, we have lost a great storyteller. All authors know how much effort is required to write a good book, and to do that while dealing with a debilitating illness is incredible.


An Applecross Companion

You will now find a list of Applecross folk and their dogs in The Applecross Companion. I will be adding more as time goes by.It is still a work in progress, but you are welcome to dive on in there and take a look.

Go to https://amandagiorgis.com/the-applecross-companion/ – use the password ‘Applecross’ to get access.

What do you think? Any ideas of other things to include?
Please do email me at amanda.giorgis@icloud.com with any thoughts and suggestions.
I do love hearing from my readers with feedback (good and bad, of course).

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