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March 2022.

The latest update from Amanda Giorgis, best-selling author of the Applecross Saga.
All the news this month is about the release of Book 5, ‘Mixed Blessings’ on 1st April. Here’s the synopsis :-

The girls are growing up. Not for them the daily grind of family life, not yet anyway. After all, it is 1873. Women have more opportunities than ever before, especially in New Zealand in an era of great prosperity and progress.

Five years have passed since we last visited the Mackenzies. Applecross sheep station is thriving, more people than ever have made it their home. There are changes everywhere, big and small, but James and Sophia remain the solid, dependable mainstay of life in the rural community. Until a dramatic incident rocks the very foundations of Mackenzie’s Basin.

We join Heather, Caroline and Adey Rose, daughters of the Basin, as they blossom into young ladies, find their feet in the burgeoning city of Christchurch and take their first hesitant steps into the world of romance.

However, the draw of Applecross is strong……..

I am really looking forward to hearing what you think of Book 5. Please do email me at with your feedback (good or bad), or post a review online. 
While listening to the audiobook version of Book 1, The Wideawake Hat, (available from all the usual audiobook suppliers), it occurred to me that the Applecross Saga would transfer to stage or screen very nicely. You know the kind of Sunday night serialised TV drama you can watch while relaxing in front of the fire with a nice glass of wine! Think Poldark perhaps? One day I will start the task of writing the script….

In the meantime, to give you a taste of who has arrived at Applecross since the end of Book 4, this is my idea of a cast list, to be printed in the programme of a West End theatre performance (a girl can dream, after all…..) :-
I know it is not polite to laugh at one’s own jokes, but I am secretly giggling about the description of George Latham as an ordinary man. I can’t wait for you all to meet him, and the old and new characters who have made Applecross their own little corner of Paradise.
Mixed Blessings is already available as a pre-order ebook on Amazon, Kobo, Nook and Apple Books, and as a paperback from Amazon. It will be available everywhere else on 1st April – not long to wait now!

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