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The Applecross Saga
Audiobook 1, The Wideawake Hat
written by Amanda Giorgis
narrated by Su Melville.

Listening time, approx 9 hours.

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From the Scottish Highlands to remote New Zealand, life was harsh for the early pioneers who ventured into a new land far across the seas where opportunity beckoned for those who could endure the hardships.

On Boxing Day, 1848 Sophia steps ashore with her new husband, George, and begins her perilous journey inland to seek a place to call home. Her hope for the child she carries to be born in a house that they build together does indeed come true. Sophia and George are joined by other young folk who form a small but growing community of fellow pioneers banding together to forge a life in this land of promise. However, not all pioneers are honest and true, as Sophia discovers to her cost. When tragedy strikes, the enigmatic James Mackenzie steps in to help our family and Sophia’s life takes an unexpected turn.

James Mackenzie is not a character of fiction. There is no doubt he existed. In fact, the high plateau where Sophia settled now bears his name. But the tales that surround his conviction and imprisonment for sheep rustling are shrouded in mystery. No-one knows what became of him for sure, though stories abound. Along with his clever and faithful collie dog Friday, his exploits have become legends. Perhaps there is more to tell of James Mackenzie and his influence on the remotely beautiful high country, surrounded by snow-capped mountains…

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What people say

Beautiful saga of struggles in a new land, of families, sheep farming, of joy and heartbreak, of close friends, babies and building new lives in harsh conditions often with aid from local Maori.

Totally enjoyed this story line. Lots of twists and turns and written so you could see the scenes! Extra special since it was loosely based on a true story!

I’ve often wondered about pioneer life and its hardships and this story brought it to life for me . Our forefathers were most definitely made of stronger fibers than we are. I so admire their strength. Sophie and George, their friends and neighbors were all good and loving people. Thank you Amanda for a wonderful story with such strong and loving characters for me to appreciate.

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