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November news

Signs of Summer at Applecross HQ I’m reaching the point where I can’t tell the mothers from their lambs now. They have grown so fat on the lush green grass in our field. Since my last newsletter we have had…

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Five years on

I’m being a little bit self-centred today. But, I make no apologies for celebrating 5 years to the day since I hit the ‘publish’ button on my first ever book. So I am looking back at what I have learned…

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News from Applecross – august 2023

Signs of Spring It feels like it has been a long winter here in New Zealand, but, at last, the daffodils are in flower and there are buds on the trees and shrubs at Applecross HQ.  We have a neighbour’s…

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The latest ‘pup’date from Applecross

Is there such a thing as Puppy Brain? You know, like Baby Brain. Anyway, I have it, whatever it is called! To begin at the beginning…..Many of you will be familiar with Jess, our old huntaway girl who starred on the…

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Cocksfoot and Clover – available now!

‘Cocksfoot and Clover’ – available now! Here in New Zealand all the talk is about the weather at the moment. In the north, unprecedented rainfall has left many homes flooded and roads blocked by landslips. While in the south, we are…

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