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The latest ‘pup’date from Applecross

Is there such a thing as Puppy Brain? You know, like Baby Brain. Anyway, I have it, whatever it is called! To begin at the beginning…..Many of you will be familiar with Jess, our old huntaway girl who starred on the…

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Cocksfoot and Clover – available now!

‘Cocksfoot and Clover’ – available now! Here in New Zealand all the talk is about the weather at the moment. In the north, unprecedented rainfall has left many homes flooded and roads blocked by landslips. While in the south, we are…

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The Latest News from Applecross

January 2023 It is very nearly time for the 6th book in the Applecross Saga series to be added to your bookshelf, so this month’s news is (almost) all about ‘Cocksfoot and Clover’. Pre-order your ebook copy from Amazon or Kobo now. Available from…

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News from Applecross – October 2022

The latest update from Amanda Giorgis, best-selling author of the Applecross Saga. Coming soonBook 6 of the Applecross Saga An explanation ….. The 6th book of the Applecross Saga is due for publication early in 2023. It has the title…

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Accidental characters

Every now and then I introduce a character to my stories who plays a small role in another character’s thread, and then takes on a whole storyline of their own. I call them my accidental characters. First there was Guy…

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