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March Newsletter

News from Applecross March 2021 The latest update from Amanda Giorgis, best-selling author of the Applecross Saga. Home news There is much progress to report on the new kitchen at Applecross headquarters. Normal catering services have resumed with a fully…

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February Newsletter

Staying at home We have been fitting a new kitchen at Applecross HQ so there has not been time for much travelling around this month. Once everything is finished (and I can’t wait for that), we are planning to follow…

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December 2020 Newsletter

Season’s Greetings from James and Sophia Mackenzie, Edmund and Nancy Lawton, Samuel Morling, Guy Pender and his new wife Amelie, Lucy, Lizzy, Job, James senior, Betsy and Edgar Franks, Jane and Percy, Joshua and all the children of the basin,…

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Doggy excerpts

Anyone who knows me will not be in the least surprised that dogs feature in all my books. The true story of Friday, the famous sheepdog, was one of the reasons I first became interested in the legend of James…

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The Great Storm – Day 6

August 3rd 1867 In one small miracle, two ewes had taken shelter behind one of the rocks Samuel had pushed into place. Both were dead, but their bodies had fallen in such a way that it  provided a dry and…

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