Box set 1-6


Book 1 – The Wideawake Hat

In 1849 Sophia and George leave Scotland and travel to New Zealand to begin a new life. Tragedy strikes and Sophia is left to cope alone with a young baby. James Mackenzie comes to her rescue and they fall in love. However, James is accused of sheep rustling and is sent to prison. It is only when he is pardoned that they can begin a life together in the high country basin surrounded by snow capped mountains. They name their new home ‘Applecross’ and, along with their neighbours and friends, they settle into a new community and prosper.

Book 2 – Shepherd’s Delight

Continuing our tales of the growing community of settlers at Applecross, also taking us beyond the Basin to India, Scotland and Australia. Visitors come and go, some more welcome than others, especially as James is concerned that someone is trying to track him down. Is it good news or bad?

Book 3 – Guy Pender

If you have read Shepherd’s Delight you will have met Guy Pender. Dashingly handsome, he’s a real favourite with the Applecross families. It is Guy who took the famous photograph of Friday. He has his own story to tell too, and in Book 3 we are transported to Switzerland in 1867 where Guy falls in love with Amelie and vows to bring her back to Applecross.

Book 4 – Three Cedar Trees

To Atewhai the growth of the three precious cedar trees next to Applecross Homestead is matched by the passage of Freddie, Ben and Ed into manhood. So, when one of the trees is damaged in a storm, does it foretell of tragedy involving one of the boys? Atewhai certainly thinks so……

Book 5 – Mixed Blessings

Five years have passed since we last visited the Mackenzies. Applecross sheep station is thriving, more people than ever have made it their home. There are changes everywhere, big and small, but James and Sophia remain the solid, dependable mainstay of life in the rural community. Until a dramatic incident rocks the very foundations of Mackenzie’s Basin…….

Book 6 – Cocksfoot and Clover

It is a time of prosperity for Applecross sheep station. Quality wool from James Mackenzie’s flock is valued around the world. But his son, John James sees the future differently, embracing new ideas and opening up new markets. Will father and son reach a compromise that will allow Applecross to survive through the threat of pestilence and fire? Will Captain Shepherd’s legacy offer the opportunity for his beloved family to spread their wings?

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Paperback versions of Book 1-6 of the Applecross Saga by Amanda Giorgis.

Included ‘The Wideawake Hat’, ‘Shepherd’s Delight’, ‘Guy Pender’, ‘Three Cedar Trees’, ‘Mixed Blessings’ and ‘Cocksfoot and Clover’

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