The Applecross Quiz

Refresh your Applecross knowledge with this quiz. They are not easy, and you will need to have read all 4 books.

Questions run in order through Books1 – 4. Submit your answers to for a chance to win a prize each month. Answers need to be received by the end of a month to be eligible for that month’s draw. One winner per month, selected from those who complete the quiz correctly, and the author’s decision is final. If nobody submits all correct answers in a month, no prize will be awarded.

  1. Where was Sophia Morling born?
  2. What was the name of the captain of the ship in which George and Sophia sailed to New Zealand?
  3. There are two police constables named in ‘The Wideawake Hat’. Name them both.
  4. How did Sophia’s father earn a living? 
  5. What was Sophia doing when she first met Nancy Lawton?
  6. How much did George and Edmund pay the Baylis brothers for their first horses and saddles?
  7. Friday had five puppies in her first litter. What were their names?
  8. Two children wrote their names in the dust on the church organ while Sophia was mourning George’s death. What were their names?
  9. What was James’ sentence at the April sitting of the Supreme Court in Lyttelton?
  10. What was the name of James’ other dog who died of a snakebite in Australia?
  11. How old was James’ mother when she died?
  12. What exactly did Ranbir Salimullah give to Captain James Shepherd in a red velvet bag?
  13. How far did Freddie need to count to take Friday’s photograph?
  14. Who was reported to have found gold near Lawrence in the 25th May 1861 edition of The Press?
  15. Who let Lucy’s bird out of their cages?
  16. What was the name of the firm of solicitors in Edinburgh who James Shepherd employed to help him find his son?
  17. What two gifts did James Shepherd and Samuel Morling put under the christmas tree at Hither House at Christmas 1861?
  18. What is James Shepherd’s title, which would be passed down to his son on his death?
  19. What is Leon de Fevre’s occupation?
  20. What were the names of the two gentlemen who taught Guy and Frewin about photography?
  21. The Pagets lost all their children in tragic circumstances. Their son was killed in the Crimean war, but how did their daughters perish?
  22. Where were Amelie and Augusta von Truber born?
  23. What is the name of the main hotel in St Moritz?
  24. What blue flower did Dr Corbett find in bloom on the walk he shared with Amelie, Lizzy and Guy?
  25. What was the name of the dog who reached Amelie and Guy first after the avalanche?
  26. What was the religious order called that arranged for bread to be distributed to the poor folk of Zurich?
  27. What kind of drink would Amelie always associate with her first few visits to Guy’s apartment?
  28. Guy, Amelie and Lizzy left France via Le Havre. Which port had they previously planned to use?
  29. What is the occupation of the organist who played for Guy and Amelie’s wedding?
  30. What is John Godley’s statue made of, and where was it cast?
  31. What did Heather and Vicky call the two orphaned lambs who were rescued from the storm?
  32. What is the name of the farm where Freddie was sent to gain some experience?
  33. What were the three items Freddie thought of as his lucky charms?
  34. There were 12 men in Freddie’s dormitory. Name the other eleven.
  35. What weapon did Freddie use to break Wilf’s jaw?
  36. What reason for dismissal did Gabriel record in the ledger against the names of Wilfred and Connell?
  37. What did Samuel make for Lizzy’s Christmas present?
  38. Where were Jakob and Leda when Mr Viner came across them?
  39. What two names did Ross suggest for his hotel, based on his childhood home in Norfolk, although neither was chosen in the end?
  40. What colours were Lucy and Lizzy’s wedding dresses?
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