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A night to remember with Twizel’s very own author: Amanda Giorgis

On Wednesday 12th December, the people of the Mackenzie met the author of ‘The Wideawake Hat’ in The Musterers Hut Cafe in Twizel. Amanda lives in Twizel and indeed, has served many of us with coffees at the very same cafe. Who knew such a talent was waiting to reveal itself?

Amanda told us that she had been inspired by the awesome landscape, impressed by the tenacity and courage of the early settlers, who made their way here, and intrigued by the story of the enigmatic James Mackenzie. Was he a rogue or an honest Scot, destined to make his life in this new land?

The novel is a clever mix of fact and fiction and is set in the 1850s. It tells the story of how the early European settlers made their way to New Zealand and into the Mackenzie Basin to try to make a better life for themselves and their growing families. Of course, James Mackenzie makes an appearance and his story is woven into, and plays a vital part, in the lives and future of the Mackenzie people.

The evening was a huge success, people were enraptured by the story telling: books were signed and purchased and everyone had a great time.

‘The Wideawake Hat’, the perfect Christmas gift, can be purchased directly from and from The Twizel Bookshop and The Musterers Hut Cafe in Twizel.


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