No spoilers here!


Time to tickle your tastebuds for Book Two of the Applecross Saga – due for publication Spring 2019. (Spring in the Southern Hemisphere, that is!)

Without giving too much away, the working title of the book is ‘Shepherd’s Delight’ and the subjects of my research include (in no particular order) :-

  • early photography and the wet collodian process
  • the photograph alleged to have been of Friday
  • the Otago gold rush
  • the Carrington event
  • the British Army in India
  • Acclimatisation societies
  • horse racing in New Zealand in the 1850s and 60s
  • the history of fences in New Zealand

The continuing story of Sophia and James and their friends and family, with the addition of a few new faces, and one or two we lose as well (tissues required).

Someone is looking for James………..?

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